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The View From Down Here Is Spectacular

www.ftqb .com may 2013 The View From Down Here Is Spectacular
Big asses and fat pussies on my face are the types of things I like to have done to me in bed. I just love to lap up cum and rim job an asshole. The act of eating pussy and sticking my tongue deep into an ass make me cream so quickly. I took this shot of my Milf and I swear I continue to go back to it to jerk off and pleasure myself to. Her ass just looks so good to eat, I mean I could bury my face in it for hours while she cums in my mouth.

Hip Hop Hoes

www.ftqb .com   Hip Hop Hoes
Listening to a hip hop soundtrack while viewing some Free Porn featuring BBW’s is how I’ve spent the last few hours, I muted out the screams and XXX moans, and opted for hardcore rhymes and banging beats, this is certainly something I’d play for any BBW I’m slaying with my cock, I say fuck romance and let’s do it hardcore, when you’re having Sex you’re not always likely to want it to be something romantic. Sometimes you want to lay a woman down and just fuck her and sometimes she just wants that, no Porno foreplay, nothing too sentimental, something more carnal and raw. Now that I seem to have warped myself up into a nice little bind I think it’s time to unhinge myself to some Free Sex Videos featuring some hot fatties.

Nice Big Butt to Fuck

www.ftqb .com april 2013 Nice Big Butt to Fuck
Who doesn’t love a nice big butt to feel while they are having sex? Now whether you’re performing a little rim job action or some straight anal sex a beautiful ass is what makes the experience so good. There is no feeling quite like tonguing some hot chick’s ass while you finger fuck her pussy, although the same can be said for being jerked off while a hot chick gives you a rimming. Either which way you spin it a bodacious ass is a marvel of beauty to be treated with care and fucked with passion!

Big Booty All Day, Every Day!

www ftqb com march 2013 Big Booty All Day, Every Day!
I like a big ass. I like a woman who has a big booty and isn’t ashamed of it. The more curvy the sexier a woman is to me. I have always loved porn that features these women who are bigger and have some meat on their bones. There is something about seeing the softness of a woman getting fucked from behind, sucking cock and swallowing, taking cream shots to the face and getting fucked in the ass that turns me on. Whenever I’m in need of a release I come here knowing there will be new porn featuring the curvy women that get me off in no time at all!

Fat asses to proudly pound

www.ftqb .com feb 2012 Fat asses to proudly pound
I woke up this morning craving something a bit out of the ordinary. I know that when you have a XXX craving it can be something that either gets satisfied or shelved. I prefer to listen to the little Porno devil on my left shoulder who wants what he wants, and what this little devil wants is a BBW to poke and prod with my cock. I think that this c certainly happens when you’re not getting enough Free Sex. When your partner isn’t putting out as much Sex as you’d like you need to get it somewhere, and that somewhere isn’t always with Suzy Palms and her five sisters, sometimes you need a shift from the imaginary for the real. When you make that quantum jump to large and in charge women you’ll realize that fat asses are the best ones to fuck. Hands down a fat girl will make you crave larger folds of flesh than Porn.

The Big Booty Bazaar

ftqb The Big Booty Bazaar
I’ve always had a thing for big, fat asses. A woman is a woman because of her curves and the bigger the ass the more feminine she seems, to me. As such, I love porn that features all of the big assed beauties that one can find! Seeing their big asses all primed for fucking, being fucked and even watching them suck huge cocks gets me off! I don’t get to see nearly enough fat ass in my every day life, so when I visit and get to see new, big beautiful asses up in the air, I always get off!

More Fat Asses Ridden Hard

fass7 More Fat Asses Ridden Hard

Hang on tight, ’cause it’s a wild ride indeed that you are in for when you have a girl with a big fat ass bent over, and you find yourself balls deep inside her wet pussy! Now the guy in the picture above has the right idea, and you can tell that he is a connoisseur of the best fucking action going, big women that is, and knows how to handle all that a big girl in heat can throw at him! This post was just a little friendly advice from the blog that brings you the best of big fat asses get fucked by one lucky son-of-a-bitch after another!

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My Big Fat Ass Craving Is Getting Out Of Hand!

ftqb My Big Fat Ass Craving Is Getting Out Of Hand!
For the past month I have been waking up with this crazy craving each morning. Well, I call it out of the ordinary because it is an insatiable craving for some big fat ass and pussy. I don’t care what color or shape…I just want it to be fat, rip & juicy! A kinky sexual craving should either get satisfied right away, or be shelved for a later date when the time and opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, mine cannot just go away no matter how hard I try. Thanks to this big fat ass blog though, I am able to see exactly what I dream of come to life on my computer screen. I need a huge ass to dig my all too eager cock into NOW!

TGIF…Thank God its Fat

www.ftqb .com Jan 21st TGIF…Thank God its Fat

It’s Friday and I’m looking to get some rocks off for the weekend. There is no easier way to do that than to pull a fatty and fuck those fat folds of flesh. Now on my way to the subway I see this hot fatty walking slowly in front of me, I decide to make my introduction by opening up the door for her and letting her go through first, she smiles and winks. I smile back and ask for her name, she says you don’t want to know my name, you’d rather stick your cock in my fat ass, I smiled and couldn’t hold back my excitement so I answered “Yes”. What was the worst that could happen? She said she’d love to take my skinny ass home and swallow as much cum as she could out my cock and more importantly that she lived two subway stops away. Those 10 minutes we spent waiting to get to the stop were in silence, I think she just wanted a random fuck, so I gave it to her as soon as we entered her condo, good thing she lived on the first floor, I undid her pants and fucked that fat ass until I came, to my surprise after an anal creampie she pulled me in close and licked what remaining cum was on cock off and kept sucking until my cock got hard again and came in her mouth. I’ll never look at Fridays in the same way ever again.

Candice Can and Will Do

fass8 Candice Can and Will Do

In my never ending quest, to bring you the best big fat asses that I can find, I came across this lovely behind belonging to the exotic looking Candice. She’s got some funky way of making up her eyes that just drives me—and the dude in the pic too it appears—wild every time I look at this big wanton woman’s face. However, when I finally managed to peel my eyes away for a minute or two, I find an appetizing ass that just begs to be fucked senseless. Unfortunately for me, this guy has beat me to the punch, so I’ll just have to do the next best thing—wink!

Big + Beautiful + Horny

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