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More Fat Asses Ridden Hard

fass7 More Fat Asses Ridden Hard

Hang on tight, ’cause it’s a wild ride indeed that you are in for when you have a girl with a big fat ass bent over, and you find yourself balls deep inside her wet pussy! Now the guy in the picture above has the right idea, and you can tell that he is a connoisseur of the best fucking action going, big women that is, and knows how to handle all that a big girl in heat can throw at him! This post was just a little friendly advice from the blog that brings you the best of big fat asses get fucked by one lucky son-of-a-bitch after another!

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My Big Fat Ass Craving Is Getting Out Of Hand!

ftqb My Big Fat Ass Craving Is Getting Out Of Hand!
For the past month I have been waking up with this crazy craving each morning. Well, I call it out of the ordinary because it is an insatiable craving for some big fat ass and pussy. I don’t care what color or shape…I just want it to be fat, rip & juicy! A kinky sexual craving should either get satisfied right away, or be shelved for a later date when the time and opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, mine cannot just go away no matter how hard I try. Thanks to this big fat ass blog though, I am able to see exactly what I dream of come to life on my computer screen. I need a huge ass to dig my all too eager cock into NOW!

TGIF…Thank God its Fat

www.ftqb .com Jan 21st TGIF…Thank God its Fat

It’s Friday and I’m looking to get some rocks off for the weekend. There is no easier way to do that than to pull a fatty and fuck those fat folds of flesh. Now on my way to the subway I see this hot fatty walking slowly in front of me, I decide to make my introduction by opening up the door for her and letting her go through first, she smiles and winks. I smile back and ask for her name, she says you don’t want to know my name, you’d rather stick your cock in my fat ass, I smiled and couldn’t hold back my excitement so I answered “Yes”. What was the worst that could happen? She said she’d love to take my skinny ass home and swallow as much cum as she could out my cock and more importantly that she lived two subway stops away. Those 10 minutes we spent waiting to get to the stop were in silence, I think she just wanted a random fuck, so I gave it to her as soon as we entered her condo, good thing she lived on the first floor, I undid her pants and fucked that fat ass until I came, to my surprise after an anal creampie she pulled me in close and licked what remaining cum was on cock off and kept sucking until my cock got hard again and came in her mouth. I’ll never look at Fridays in the same way ever again.

Candice Can and Will Do

fass8 Candice Can and Will Do

In my never ending quest, to bring you the best big fat asses that I can find, I came across this lovely behind belonging to the exotic looking Candice. She’s got some funky way of making up her eyes that just drives me—and the dude in the pic too it appears—wild every time I look at this big wanton woman’s face. However, when I finally managed to peel my eyes away for a minute or two, I find an appetizing ass that just begs to be fucked senseless. Unfortunately for me, this guy has beat me to the punch, so I’ll just have to do the next best thing—wink!

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Gladly fucking her fat ass

ftqbass Gladly fucking her fat ass

Less usually is more but more is more when you line up a few fat asses to penetrate and cover in sticky spunk. I think secretly everyone wants to bang a BBW and then videotape it. That’s exactly what I did last time I bagged one. I may even upload it to the site so I can relive that XXX moment over and over again. I swear it’s some of the hottest Free Porn you can find online but only you would know if you had balls as big as your cock. There are so many things you can do with a BBW that you can’t with another type of slut. Maybe this will inspire to go out and find one that you can have Sex with.

I Want to Deep Sea Dive Into Some Fat Ass So Bad!

ftqb I Want to Deep Sea Dive Into Some Fat Ass So Bad!
I had this crazy dream last night and I woke up with only one thing in my mind; some fat ass to climb into. I have always had this erotic fantasy of giving it hard and deep to some big booty babe with a perfect body. She needs to be built for porn and that can handle a cock as huge and as long as mine. I love eating ass & pussy equally but haven’t had meaningful anal sex in ages. I yearn for a hot slut that will scream my name at the top of her lungs. I’m even open to having her squirt in my face! Do you know any large women who’d like that and take me up on my sexual offer? Ass fucking is my thing and I love releasing juicy creampies anywhere so let me know.

By Invitation Only

fass6 By Invitation Only

There is fat asses and there’s big fat asses and then there is the ass that belongs to this woman. You know, the one with its own area code; however, if you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to have a go at stuffing your root into this awaiting pussy, consider yourself to be blessed my good fellow! This is a fucking prime plump piece of flesh that can withstand all that you, and your pole, can dish out for hours on end, so go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts!

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Can the Real Fat Ass Babe Please Stand Up?

ftqb Can the Real Fat Ass Babe Please Stand Up?
Rumor has it that fat ass babes rarely enjoy sex because of their tubby bodies, but as you will soon discover in the fat ass XXX clips featured on this website, big butt babes are as hot as skinny sluts. They can ride cock, they can get on their all fours and give you a memorable doggy style fucker, they can suck dick and pussy with such passion and glee. So next time you read somewhere or hear someone saying that big booty babes are not hot and sexy in bed; you might want to check the free porn clips on here to know just how hot they can make you shoot a massive load of jizz! Junk in da trunk makes the world go around.

Fat Asses Ahead

fass5 Fat Asses Ahead

The aptly named, any port in a storm, Haven is not only one stunningly beautiful girl with an award winning smile but the milky skinned beauty has one of those big fat asses on her that I’d just love to slide my manhood into! Judging by the look on the face of this beauty in the above picture, I’d say that she’d be just as willing to bend over and have her vaginal, and anal cavities plundered as much as I’d enjoy my time exploring the depths of those cavernous spaces with my prodding protuberance!

Ahoy, Big Asses Ahead Matey

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How Do I Fuck a Fat Ass?

ftqb How Do I Fuck a Fat Ass?
Tired of banging skinny models and want to try out a fat ass but are not sure what postures to keep while pounding her anal orifice? Or probably your fat ass babe is pulling some moves and styles you have never seen anywhere before. Why not learn a little bit about what big booty girls love, and how they want their big butts fucked? What about the most efficient sex positions to ensure they scream your name at the top of their lungs before having full-body shuddering squirt orgasms?!